Saatchi Sundaze

If you are interested in art, the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, London is somewhere I’d definitely recommend going. I visited it last Sunday and witnessed some of the most vibrant impressionist paintings, I was in awe of the colours and different styles of art I encountered.

The exhibition was called ‘Known Unknowns’ and features the work of `17 contemporary artists and focuses mainly on the diversity and breadth of contemporary art in a progressively digital age. The art here is different, unlike anything that would be considered ‘normal’, but art isn’t normal, there will always be different interpretations of different artwork and that’s what makes it so special.

Check out some of the pieces I snapped and let me know if you decide to visit! Also check out many of my other posts by clicking the menu above ūüôā

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View from The Shard

At Christmas I visited the Shard (late, late I know!) but it was absolutely mesmerizing. For any tourists who would like to visit London, it is one of the first places I would recommend visiting (I will leave a link below to the official website for anyone who would like to pre-book tickets). I visited at night  and the view was stunning although I have also visited during the day where the view is equally as impressive.

You can see everything within¬† a very, very large range.¬†On one side is the River Thames and the famous Tower Bridge and as you turn, the charming suburban streets stand quietly¬†next to the bustling city.¬†London’s landmarks are stunning and I would recommend visiting them at some point…

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Icelandic Adventure!

So recently I went on one of the best holidays I think I will ever experience, Iceland. I made so many memories with so many people¬†and saw things I would never have seen elsewhere. The¬†iconic Blue Lagoon is stunning, and one of the¬†‘World’s Wonders’, and¬†Iceland is home to many different waterfalls! My favourite bit was probably the tomato greenhouse, which funnily enough also starred on a season 12 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Iceland is truly amazing, and look through these photos – you will not be able to resist booking a flight for yourself…create your own Icelandic adventure!

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Holiday Travel Essentials

Nothing is more important than what you take on holiday with you (as I learnt from my holiday this year) Read my go-to list below for some in-flight travel essentials!

  1. First things first, you need a suitable carry-on bag because as well as your suit
    cases you are going to need things for the flight. I chose this Accessorize Owl Print Top Handle Backpack (long name or what!)¬†which cost ¬£20¬†but of course you can choose your own bag to suit your own needs. I must admit, rucksacks are easy because it’s nice to have free hands &¬†know your valuables are safe whilst trekking through the airport finding your way to the gate.
  2. Passport, lets be honest – you’re not going anywhere without your passport & although it may seem trivial, so many people forget their passport and miss their flight due to this.
  3. A small purse for toiletries etc., I have a¬†Zoella Tutti Frutti Beauty Pouch¬†which cost ¬£6 and is available in Superdrug. I love this because it is literally the perfect size; it’s not too big but not too small and is extremely helpful for toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant etc.
  4. Earphones/Headphones are a big thing for me because I love listening to music (ensure your phone is on airplane mode though) and I just have the Apple Earpods that come with the iPhones.
  5. Whilst I am not listening to music, I am most definitely reading a book and I read¬†Harry Potter & The Cursed Child¬†which retails for ¬£20 but it’s soooo good (I finished it in one 3 hour flight!).
  6. I can’t stress to you enough how UNHYGENIC a plane is – this is why I bring antibacterial hand gel with me everytime I go on a plane;)
  7. Although sunglasses¬†may be used (for me anyway) when I get off the plane in another country I do not really need them when I travel back to England because, let’s face it, English weather is so miserable. Either way I pack a pair of sunglasses, in this case, my River Island Gold Tone Black Round Sunglasses which cost ¬£14.
  8. I am a very self-conscious person and will always worry about how my breath smells; especially on a plane when I’m in such close contact with everyone around me. Therefore I like to have a pack of chewing gum with me (¬†Extra Spearmint ).
  9. As well as having nice breath, I want to smell nice when on a flight so I will take deodorant ( Dove Beauty Finish Roll-On ) and a small perfume with me.
  10. Finally, and I think everyone needs this, is a neck pillow and I have a Samsonite 2 in 1 neck pillow which is extremely helpful because I can change the shape of the pillow dependant on the comfort I want. They are extremely comfortable and I cannot imagine myself travelling without one.

That’s all my travel essentials I can think of, I’d like to wish any of you who are going on holiday a safe flight & amazing holiday! To those of you that aren’t, have a fabulous summer and check back Sunday for a¬† new post;).

Lorinda xxx