Music For The Soul

My music taste is very varied, sometimes questionable, yet I created a playlist a while ago which is extremely calm and more so for me to just chill out and not stress haha. Music is for the soul and a way to engage the whole brain, improving memory, attention, physical co ordination and mental development, I’m hoping this music has the potential to improve your mood and decrease your frustration : )

I thought many of you might be on the hunt for some new music so take a look at some of my favourite picks, also comment some of your favourite songs & share this post/blog with people you think might enjoy reading this.

Egyptian Luvr – Rejjie Snow (feat. Amine & Dana Williams)

Image result for egyptian luvr

Aura – SJ Lewis, J Warner

Image result for aura sj lewis

GoodLovinn – J.Robb, Devin Tracy

Image result for goodlovinn j.robb

Talk About Forever – Mabel

Image result for talk about forever mabel

Take Time – Roy Woods (feat. 24Hrs)

Image result for roy woods take time

Good Love – 11:11

Image result for 11:11 good love

Blue Lights – Jorja Smith

Image result for jorja smith blue lights

Language – Paperboy Fabe, Brent Faiyaz

Image result for language paperboy fabe

ALSO; visit this post from ‘Owlcation’ which outlines the positive benefits of listening to music.

lots of love

Lorinda xxx


London Lovin

I haven’t been to London in a long while, so what better way to spend the day than in a cute little restaurant (which also made me entirely wary of the way I conducted myself hehe) with waffles and tea!

The Ivy City Garden is an adorable, albeit stunning, venue and for anyone who needs a fitting place to treat their loved ones or catch up with a longtime pal, this was one of the best ways to do so.

The art here was just phenomenal! Although, art itself is such an abstract form of visual representation for anything and it does leave a classy, timeless effect on anyone who witnesses it.

The staff were absolutely lovely and hospitable and I look forward to venturing to all the other Ivy restaurants (may have to create an archive of all my special visits), do enjoy the photos below x



See you soon 🙂




Welcome to my blog!!

I have wanted to start a blog for a while now and there are many things in life that inspire me; books, travel, photography and therefore I decided to write everything down in my little ‘diary’. I will not be posting very often but check in every couple of weeks you may be surprised.

Lorinda xxx