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Someone tell me what it means to be 15 years old. A confusing age – not a child, not an adult…what are you? In some ways I enjoy being mature and responsible yet in some ways I feel myself wishing I was 5 again – no responsibility, no limits.

15  is such a pivotal age, GCSEs are next year, A Levels after that and I don’t think life is going to get any easier until after I’ve retired! School consists more of ‘Careers Interviews’ and ‘Revision Classes’ that there is a lack of emphasis on how we as 15 year olds, as teenagers, really feel. Many of us might be stressed and anxious for the future; clouded by the unnecessary pressure of exams upon exams , the expectations are only getting harder to reach, although getting harder, not entirely unattainable.

The times are changing, with the use of social media and the internet frequently influencing our daily lives, there is constant underlying need for people to ask others for their opinions and the longing to be accepted into society.  We must remember to not follow the ‘normal’ and step outside of the box, step out of our comfort zone and into the  spontaneous, because soon the world will turn, and the trends will change, and we could’ve missed out on such an amazing experience by not being true to ourselves.

I can safely say being 15 in this generation is much different to previous generations, it comes with a whirlwind instability in our emotions…and we should embrace it. We are the future of the world, we are a living embodiment of what planet Earth will be like in 10, 20, 30, 40 years and WE are the generation of CHANGE. So embrace the opportunities you have, even at the tender age of 15 and know that you are a boss in your own right…a boss who doesn’t need to succumb to the pressures of society to accomplish their full potential.

Lots of Love,

Lori xxx




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