Holiday Travel Essentials

Nothing is more important than what you take on holiday with you (as I learnt from my holiday this year) Read my go-to list below for some in-flight travel essentials!

  1. First things first, you need a suitable carry-on bag because as well as your suit
    cases you are going to need things for the flight. I chose this Accessorize Owl Print Top Handle Backpack (long name or what!) which cost £20 but of course you can choose your own bag to suit your own needs. I must admit, rucksacks are easy because it’s nice to have free hands & know your valuables are safe whilst trekking through the airport finding your way to the gate.
  2. Passport, lets be honest – you’re not going anywhere without your passport & although it may seem trivial, so many people forget their passport and miss their flight due to this.
  3. A small purse for toiletries etc., I have a Zoella Tutti Frutti Beauty Pouch which cost £6 and is available in Superdrug. I love this because it is literally the perfect size; it’s not too big but not too small and is extremely helpful for toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant etc.
  4. Earphones/Headphones are a big thing for me because I love listening to music (ensure your phone is on airplane mode though) and I just have the Apple Earpods that come with the iPhones.
  5. Whilst I am not listening to music, I am most definitely reading a book and I read Harry Potter & The Cursed Child which retails for £20 but it’s soooo good (I finished it in one 3 hour flight!).
  6. I can’t stress to you enough how UNHYGENIC a plane is – this is why I bring antibacterial hand gel with me everytime I go on a plane;)
  7. Although sunglasses may be used (for me anyway) when I get off the plane in another country I do not really need them when I travel back to England because, let’s face it, English weather is so miserable. Either way I pack a pair of sunglasses, in this case, my River Island Gold Tone Black Round Sunglasses which cost £14.
  8. I am a very self-conscious person and will always worry about how my breath smells; especially on a plane when I’m in such close contact with everyone around me. Therefore I like to have a pack of chewing gum with me ( Extra Spearmint ).
  9. As well as having nice breath, I want to smell nice when on a flight so I will take deodorant ( Dove Beauty Finish Roll-On ) and a small perfume with me.
  10. Finally, and I think everyone needs this, is a neck pillow and I have a Samsonite 2 in 1 neck pillow which is extremely helpful because I can change the shape of the pillow dependant on the comfort I want. They are extremely comfortable and I cannot imagine myself travelling without one.

That’s all my travel essentials I can think of, I’d like to wish any of you who are going on holiday a safe flight & amazing holiday! To those of you that aren’t, have a fabulous summer and check back Sunday for a  new post;).

Lorinda xxx



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