Kylie Lip Kit Review

I recently bought a Kylie Lip Kit (shade Posie K) which is my favourite colour that has released so far, I hadn’t bought one before so the ordering process, shipping, charges were all new to me and I’d like to inform you all of how I went about buying my lip kit.


I was very sceptical about ordering because of how they sold out so fast and easily became unavailable. However, I went online about half an hour after they had been released expecting everything to be sold out, and almost everything was still in stock. I can see the improvement in the amount of products Kylie is launching meaning they do not sell out as quickly. I received an order confirmation 10 minutes after ordering which was very impressive and a shipping confirmation 3 days later.


I ordered my Lip Kit on 21st June and received shipping confirmation on the 24th June. After receiving my shipping confirmation, you are able to track the product as many times as you want and I did this almost everyday (I couldn’t wait for it to arrive!). Everything was running smoothly until the package arrived in London, there were no more updates for another 5 days until it got processed through facility. By the way, if you check your map and see that your package is in Scotland, do not worry – I live in London and even when I received my package the map still said it was in London! Overall, my Lip Kit took 11 days to arrive which is not too bad considering I live in the UK but it could be improved.

Customs Charge

I was not aware that even though you pay $29 for your actual Lip Kit, $14.95 for shipping (international), you also have to pay a customs fee. I wasn’t pleased about this because there is no information on the website about customs charges and therefore I wasn’t expecting it. I bought 1 Lip Kit & I had to pay £12 although this depends on how many you buy because a friend of mine bought 2 at the same time as me & had to pay £16. If you do order anything from Kylie Cosmetics, be prepared to pay a customs fee (some people do, some don’t?)

All in all, the quality of my Kylie Lip Kit is amazing, the lip liner has a very creamy texture and the liquid lipstick is very pigmented and long-wearing. The packaging is beautiful and also comes with a handwritten note from Kylie. If shipping time is reduced I will probably order more in the foreseeable future!

Lorinda X



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