My June Favourites 2016!

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog…I can’t believe how fast this year has gone, it’s already July! I have taken the opportunity to gather up some of my favourite products/apps/books etc. that I’ve used during the month of June.

When I am writing about a product, I will also write down it’s price and where I purchased it, along with a little description about it so that if you are interested you can have some more information on it for future reference.

I have so many but the list has been narrowed down to 10, and they are in no particular order…

  1. Moringa Body Butter – The Body Shop – £14.00 (200ml)

I love the Body Shop and was looking for a fresh scent that would appeal to me and Moringa is absolutely delightful. I have never heard of it before and so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when smelling it. It smells light and floral and extremely fresh, not sweet therefore it means it’s perfect for use after a shower or just when you have dry skin because it leaves your skin soft & smooth.

2. My Baking Bible – Paperchase – £10

I am really into baking, and when I do bake I never do so halfheartedly. Due to this, I decided to purchase a book to document new&old recipes for different bakes and it has different categories for different bakes. I think it is very useful if you are just starting out in baking or are very good at it but would like a professional-looking way of keeping track of your recipes.

3. Chegg Flashcards – App Store – Free

Early June I had my end-of-year examinations and was looking for a way of revising those last yet important details I would need for my tests. Flashcards were a good idea but I wanted something that I could have with me and not have to really fiddle with. That’s where the app ‘Flashcards’ came in – you could create decks of cards for different subjects and have your flashcards in each one. I would really recommend it for revision.

4. Clarins Rocha John Rocha Bag – Clarins – Free

When I bought products from Clarins, I was gifted this bag and other goodies as a gift for the amount of money I spent and the products I bought. Anyways, the bag has become my go-to wash bag for keeping  essentials and I just think that the aesthetic is also beautiful. I am not aware whether you can actually just buy the bag separately or if it only comes as a gift but I think it’ll be my summer staple this year when I go on holiday & yours too.

5. Baylis & Harding Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit Soothing Bath Foam – Boots – £2.15

I cannot begin to describe the amazing aroma of this bath foam – it is the epitome of sweet summer and really is soothing. As well as being a fresh scent, it also has a hint of sweetness and really makes your bath feel luxurious and soothing. It was surprisingly cheap for what it is but I cannot fault this item because it is amazing!

Sorry for the late upload, I finished editing this blog a week ago but I was having issues with uploading it & therefore it has only uploaded today. I will also be uploading a new post tomorrow – stay tuned!

Lorinda X



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