All The Bright Places

This was a book. A book. A book that I truly cannot encapsulate all my thoughts about in one mere blog post. An amazing book.

All The Bright Places will forever hold a special place in my heart, whether it’s because of the point in my life I was at mentally when I first read it, or because of how it truly made me reflect on a multitude of different emotions that I was feeling yet struggled to truly express. An exhilarating read, it has taken me a whole 8 months after reading All The Bright Places for the first time to be capable of comprehending my feelings about it and putting them into words.

Naturally, I read lots of online reviews and although many of them were mixed, some may have felt like the book glorified suicide, or that the mental illnesses of the characters were not properly acknowledged. I could disagree but I believe it is down to interpretation; for me personally, it is the best book I’ve read in my 16 years of existence (and I have read a lot of books)! I cannot guarantee you will love, or even like this book, and it may break your heart; you can decide if it’s worth it.

Finch? I absolutely adore him! The character development of Finch throughout the story  honestly blew me away and Jennifer Niven truly created a spectacular character. His emotions, his thoughts, the way he narrates his part of the story is so raw and so real that I couldn’t believe it. Mentally, Finch struggled, yet Niven delivers this flawlessly; and there is a surreal sense of understanding, in my opinion, that I’ve never experienced from a book before.

Violet? Violet is a very interesting character who initially wants to die and Finch helps her through this. After the death of her sister she suffers PTSD, but Finch helps her to partially move on with her life and not dwell on the past – advice I well and truly took myself. Her battle is tragic as she fights to become herself again, the person she was before her sisters death and before she became unhappy. On a personal level, I couldn’t really relate to Violet as much but there were elements of her personality/struggles that are potentially mirrored in my life.

“I’m fighting to be here in this shitty, messed-up world”

“I’m fighting”

“fighting” – we are all fighting something, someone and the fight never truly ends. The important thing is acknowledging this fight. Acknowledging the fact that there is always a fight to be fought and conquered. Finch understood this, and after reading this book, so did I.

The world truly is shitty, and messed-up, but it’s what you do about it, how you live through it; that’s what really matters. I think that is an important message being conveyed by All The Bright Places that should be highlighted. Attempt to make the worst of a shitty situation and always look on the bright side, for you will find a bright place.

Do let me know if you have read this book/will read it, and your opinions on it!

Lots of love, Lorinda xxx


Love Island – Why I Hate It

If you live in the UK, no doubt you are aware of the storm that is ‘Love Island’ that has taken over the ITV2 9pm slot every evening, and no doubt are you aware of just how awful it is; yet so gripping to watch. If you don’t know what Love Island is – well, count yourself lucky. It’s a dating show where single (and outrageously good looking people with abnormally fit bodies) live in a villa for 8 weeks to try and find love and the 2 winners win £50,000.

Every day something crazy happens, new people enter the ‘villa’, others get dumped, loyalty is completely crushed and there are many, and I mean many, games being played. I would so talk you through all the single ladies and gentlemen but that would take me too long and some of them just aren’t as relevant as others.

However, one person we just have to talk about is Megan. She was a newbie in the villa and quickly jumped from Eyal to Wes to Alex and back to Wes. No doubt she is good looking but point of me talking about Megan is to highlight the ‘Megan Effect’ she seems to have had on all the boys in the Villa, they all find her ‘fit’ and yet, many photo from 2012 have resurfaced online showing what Megan used to look like before blowing £25,000 on plastic surgery. It gives young girls the impression that you will only be considered beautiful if you look hot and boys find you attractive. Please don’t take this the wrong way though! There is nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery and I am not against the surgery itself, just how it has been promoted on Love Island because of Megan and how the boys treat her because of her looks.  You can do whatever you want and if you feel as though cosmetic surgery is what you truly want, it is your decision and your decision only. :))

Megan’s actions have caused constant unrest in the Villa and her indecisiveness has proved just how far boys are willing to graft for someone who’s as good looking as her yet with no personality. In Eyal’s words “you’re no Jim Carey” Meg, fix up. On the bright side, Megan does bring a lot of drama to the show and it’d probably be relatively boring without her pissing someone off, somewhere.See the source image

Now, the king of muggy has to go to the one and only, Adam. Adam was seen by all the ladies to be incredibly good looking and he had the potential to break up a couple and couple up with one of the girls. That he did. He swooped in and took Kendall from Niall then coupled up with Rosie before dumping Rosie for Zara. Zara left, he had a quick fling with Darylle (what a surprise)!

Adams repetitive, muggy behaviour shows just how girls will, 99% of the time, go for the WRONG guy. No matter how insecure he made Kendall feel about her insecurities – she STILL went back to him. Although he completely mugged of Rosie behind her back, she STILL went back to him. Even though after Zara left he tried it with new girl Darylle, watch this space, she is STILL going to go back to him. And yet we are left with Adam, the alpha male of the villa that went after what he impulsively wanted at that time before breaking a girl’s heart and moving on to the next. GIRLS YOU ARE STRONGER THAN THIS. Adam is the guy our friends and parents warn us about, he will make you feel special then go running after the next person he is even remotely interested in. Wrong.

See the source image

Laura is SO clingy – new boy Jack has literally been in the villa, coupled up with her for 4 days and she is acting like he is her possession . Calm down love, you’re not in a committed relationship yet (and probably won’t be with this psycho behaviour). Samira has been giving dirty looks all round and Georgia has been completely heartbroken by Josh but at least we know shes ‘loyal’ as she has continually made a point of mentioning.

Wes is a complete mug for choosing disloyal Megan over , Josh is the biggest snake for leaving Georgia like that, Sam is just a bit irrelevant atm and the only reason he’s still in the show is because Georgia coupled up with him. Alex, oh Alex, you just don’t belong on Love Island. Your presence is often overshadowed by the other guys attempts at helping you find love; it hasn’t worked thus far…

See the source image

Dani and Jack, you are the cutest and tbh I don’t have a bad word to say about either of you 🙂

What we forget about Love Island is the deeper issues, not the profanity but the messages it sends to society. Have you noticed how these people are all very fit, attractive guys and girls. It must do horrific things for people’s self confidence: imagine watching the guys lifting weights and working out while the girls strut around in their bikinis; doing wonders for the nation’s societal expectations! We are not all like that, nor do we want to be.

More so, all the ‘snaky’ moves of people bitching behind each others backs is a perfect representation of what modern day society has become. Loyalty is as rare to come by in that villa than Alex being able to properly flirt. Also, explain how one of the only islanders who had an immense amount of self-respect and handled herself with absolute dignity throughout her time on the show was dumped because her previous partner thought she wanted things to progress “too” slowly and he couldn’t be with someone who had that many insecurities.

We, as a nation, have been sucked into watching a world that is much unlike the one we live in, yet continuously dedicate our scarce time to witnessing this ‘entertainment’. Love Island gives young people body issues, and presents unrealistic expectations of what we should be like. Don’t get me wrong because although I sit here bitching about Love Island, I will still spend an hour a night for 8 weeks watching it because I rate the drama.

Idk what I aimed to do with this post I just had to let you all know what my thoughts on Love Island are, feel free to comment and follow :))

Lorinda xxx


We Were Liars: My Thoughts

As far as books go, I am a very picky person, but very rarely will I stop reading a book midway through because I don’t like it. With ‘We Were Liars’, it was very hard for me to read the whole way through without putting the book down, but I persevered :). I really enjoyed the beginning, and I mean really enjoyed it. Yet, there was something about the storyline that the further through the book I got, the more chaotic the storyline seemed to me.

The beginning was pretty gripping, and at 250- or so words, the book is a pretty short read. The introduction to the island and getting to know the 4 main characters is intriguing, but then after the climax (I won’t spoil it in case any of you would like to read it) the storyline became a little distorted and (in my opinion) wasn’t executed the way it probably should’ve been.

When I look back on it, the intention of the storyline is very skilful , and seems to be very well thought out. The only issue is that the author seems to have a problem with the proper completion of the ending which does spoil the book in a way. It’s almost as though the intention wasn’t transferred properly from brain to paper.

Overall, I probably wouldn’t read this book again; maybe because I’m looking for something that will not be as frustrating to finish, or maybe because this just wasn’t really the book for me. If you have read it, do let me know your thoughts.

lorinda xxx



Expectations. No doubt you recognise that word, and no doubt are we victims of the expectations dumped upon us by society, our parents, and most importantly; ourselves. Every single person is being judged, and judgement is being passed on how we should act, the grades we should achieve and what we should look like. Should; a word which indicates obligation, especially when criticising somebody’s actions poses the question: who is criticising us, and why should we listen to them and not ourselves?

It’s as though everything we do must be pre-empted by our own stubborn expectations. We, as individuals, are setting ourselves these boundaries which are often harsh and difficult to thwart – the decisive factor of how life should be and what’s best for us. Do not get me started on how our expectations have taken control of the way we live.

Society is primarily at fault.  I, as an unlucky member of this fraught society, have been consumed by the startling ideology that what I do is being judged. Every decision I make, every item of clothing I wear, every result from every exam I’ve done is being judged. What can I say,  I do it too. We all do, we are all guilty of this. I often find myself questioning what right I have to expect anybody to conform to any of my expectations. None whatsoever. This is indoctrinating at its highest form. Society has indoctrinated us into believing we have the right to hold specific expectations for specific people as to what we expect them to accomplish.

A fine example is parents. It’s as though it is in their nature to expect you to achieve miracles. Yet it is in our nature to surrender to their unnecessary pressures. In this world we are on a mission to navigate our own identity and self-worth, during which we have to deal with our parent’s unreachable expectations. Understandably, they claim to want the best for us, but do they really? This just one of the saddening outcomes of how society has created us, unable to conquer our fears and exceed expectations because we cannot stray too far from the normal. Our youthful exuberance is stagnated by the impending doom of having to live up to these expectations.

We are our own worst enemy. In a social environment like school, how could you not be influenced by the people around you, it is inevitable. This generation is the worst. We are all so interconnected through social media and this heavily affects how we prefer our own image to be portrayed online and in person.

Enough is enough! I no longer want to live in the shadow of what has been envisioned for me by everyone but me. Live life as you wish and not under the demands of disappointing a presumption that has been made for you. But the message goes both ways. Stop judging people and expecting them to conduct themselves in a particular manner, or expecting them to hold the same beliefs as you, stop assuming that people are subject to your judgement and are constrained to your beliefs and way of life.

an excerpt from my thoughts on expectations

thanks for checking in 🙂

Lorinda xxx

Saatchi Sundaze

If you are interested in art, the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, London is somewhere I’d definitely recommend going. I visited it last Sunday and witnessed some of the most vibrant impressionist paintings, I was in awe of the colours and different styles of art I encountered.

The exhibition was called ‘Known Unknowns’ and features the work of `17 contemporary artists and focuses mainly on the diversity and breadth of contemporary art in a progressively digital age. The art here is different, unlike anything that would be considered ‘normal’, but art isn’t normal, there will always be different interpretations of different artwork and that’s what makes it so special.

Check out some of the pieces I snapped and let me know if you decide to visit! Also check out many of my other posts by clicking the menu above 🙂

Lorinda xxx


Book Club: Currently Reading

Hi all,

So I’ve decided to start some form of ‘book club’ whereby I share what book I am currently reading and you guys comment books that you love or books that you are currently reading and are really enjoying. That way, we can all benefit from each other’s book recommendations, find me on GoodReads at ‘Lorinda’ (I have only just set it up so it may not be of any use:)

keep me updated on books you love!

Lorinda xxx

p.s. I am currently reading ‘We Were Liars’ by E. Lockhart.

Music For The Soul

My music taste is very varied, sometimes questionable, yet I created a playlist a while ago which is extremely calm and more so for me to just chill out and not stress haha. Music is for the soul and a way to engage the whole brain, improving memory, attention, physical co ordination and mental development, I’m hoping this music has the potential to improve your mood and decrease your frustration : )

I thought many of you might be on the hunt for some new music so take a look at some of my favourite picks, also comment some of your favourite songs & share this post/blog with people you think might enjoy reading this.

Egyptian Luvr – Rejjie Snow (feat. Amine & Dana Williams)

Image result for egyptian luvr

Aura – SJ Lewis, J Warner

Image result for aura sj lewis

GoodLovinn – J.Robb, Devin Tracy

Image result for goodlovinn j.robb

Talk About Forever – Mabel

Image result for talk about forever mabel

Take Time – Roy Woods (feat. 24Hrs)

Image result for roy woods take time

Good Love – 11:11

Image result for 11:11 good love

Blue Lights – Jorja Smith

Image result for jorja smith blue lights

Language – Paperboy Fabe, Brent Faiyaz

Image result for language paperboy fabe

ALSO; visit this post from ‘Owlcation’ which outlines the positive benefits of listening to music.

lots of love

Lorinda xxx


IMG_E4880‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’

8th March 2018. Today is International Women’s Day and a time to #pressforprogress. With different movements fighting for women’s equality such as #MeToo and #TimesUp, it is becoming increasingly important that we strive for gender parity.

Let me tell you more about these two movements that many of you may have seen across social media platforms but never quite understood exactly what they mean.

#TimesUp –

A unified call of change from women in entertainment for women everywhere, envisioning nationwide leadership that reflects the world w live in. Powered by women, it addresses the systematic inequality and injustice in the workplace that have prevented certain groups from reaching their full potential. It partners with leading advocates for equality and safety to improve laws, employment agreements and corporate policies – enabling more women and men to access the legal system to hold wrongdoers accountable.

#MeToo –

A  movement founded by Tarana Burke 10 years ago to help survivors of sexual violence, particularly young women of colour from low wealth communities, find pathways to healing. The  me too. movement uses the idea of ’empowerment through empathy’ and was created to ensure survivors know that they are not alone.


Women need to be celebrated! What powerful, extraordinary people who are intelligent, loving, caring and have the potential to change the world (currently in the process of doing so). We mustn’t let society alter how we view ourselves or how we choose to act, make life choices that you want to make and fight the patriarchy. Be inspirational by being you, no doubt you have inspired somebody in your lifetime… heck, maybe in the past week. Read the books you want to read, listen to music you want to listen to, be who you want to be. Never let the bitterness of this world steal your sweetness…

This isn’t even for the women in the world, because fighting for equality isn’t for women to have more power, it’s for the patriarchy to be quashed and for the world to be a better place… this is just the first step!

Don’t compete, empower! 

‘Girls support girls’

Lorinda xxx


London Lovin

I haven’t been to London in a long while, so what better way to spend the day than in a cute little restaurant (which also made me entirely wary of the way I conducted myself hehe) with waffles and tea!

The Ivy City Garden is an adorable, albeit stunning, venue and for anyone who needs a fitting place to treat their loved ones or catch up with a longtime pal, this was one of the best ways to do so.

The art here was just phenomenal! Although, art itself is such an abstract form of visual representation for anything and it does leave a classy, timeless effect on anyone who witnesses it.

The staff were absolutely lovely and hospitable and I look forward to venturing to all the other Ivy restaurants (may have to create an archive of all my special visits), do enjoy the photos below x



See you soon 🙂